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The Etched City by KJ Bishop was an esoteric and bizarre literary fantasy novel published 20 years ago.  I’d like to write a piece for Typebar Magazine discussing how both market forces and cultural changes within the SFF sphere have made it more difficult for The Etched City’s mode of creating fantasy literature to exist, to the detriment of the genre. I’ve reviewed books for Awesome Book Website and have also published stories on Cool Website Dot Com. Here is a link to my work…”

Less Good: 

“I want to review The Etched City because it’s a forgotten novel that I think is really cool.”

Some Other Tips: 

  • Start off with your pitch, and also include a brief bio (particularly highlighting what makes you qualified to be writing the article you’re pitching).
  • Please include writing samples of similar work you’ve done, even if it’s a personal blog or newsletter.
  • The important thing is to have an ANGLE, a unique perspective. We want something fresh.
  • Ask yourself “so what?” and if you don’t have a good answer, refine the pitch.

Right now our interests include, but are not limited to: The mid-late aughts internet, critical reevaluations of cultural artifacts (ephemera or mainstays) from the 90s and aughts, and typewriters.  More broadly, we like academic-minded but accessible literary criticism and analysis regardless of genre or era.

To help get our sense of taste, here’s some writing we’ve liked:

Cormac McCarthy and the Vulnerable Style by Patrick Nathan

Joan Didion Cast Off the Fictions of American Politics by Jacob Bacharach

The First-Person Industrial Complex by Laura Bennett

Everyone Is Beautiful and No One Is Horny by RS Benedict

I Gave You My Soul (And I am Dead): Gender & Faustian Fiction by Matilda Lewis

Taylor Lorenz Delivers News of the Influencers by Alexander Nazaryan

IBM Reinvented the Typewriter With the Selectric 50 Years Ago by Nicholas Jackson

Goodreads Has No Incentive to Be Good by Lincoln Michel

The Smol Bean Emperor by Karlo Yeager Rodriguez

’90s Dad Thrillers: A List by Max Read

Just How Formulaic Are Hallmark and Lifetime Holiday Movies? We (Over)analyzed 424 of Them by Alicia Parlapiano

From Milton to Marx: Exploring the Complex Contradictions of Satan as Dialectical Figure by Jessie Jones


Yes! We currently pay writers a flat rate of $50 per article. As we are a new venture, we can’t afford higher rates at this time. Our first financial goal as a publication is increasing our pay rates, specifically so we can began paying on a per-word basis. You can help us accomplish this by supporting us on Patreon. If that’s beyond your means, please tell your friends about us.


We have no plans to publish fiction for the foreseeable future. It’s a distant dream.